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Happy 2017 loves. I had hoped to do this before the end of 2016 but it kinda slipped with all the festivities and what not (I get carried away by food, lots of food especially)

As always am a simple girl and most times highly fearful of bright colours (I find they attract attention which is not necessarily my cup of tea). However I found this mustard knit top thrifting and I couldn’t leave it (had to adjust it as it was a size bigger) not that I cared (thank goodness for tailors)

I did my usual blue denims (five pairs and I still want more) and my to-go heels. No matchy matchy this time (it’s my thing) ┬ábut I like the feel it exudes… Happy, bright, mellow, you name it. Oh and it works for my small chest which is a double plus.

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