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                                Age wrinkles the body,

                            quitting wrinkles the soul.

Hallo loves,first of all lemme apologise for disappearing. It has been quite the hiatus! To be honest I had been contemplating about quitting for a while now but I have decided to soldier on for better or worse. So bear with me guys if am a little inconsistent with the posting for now just trying to get my footing,and also let me know what you would like to see on the blog.

Today am doing a recap of an outfit I wore some time back to a friend’s birthday. The dress code was black, white or black and white. First of all, I only have one pair of black pants and I wasn’t planning on getting another pair on short notice. The double slit dress was literally rotting in my closet as I have only worn it once before (I find it a tad bit dressy for just any occasion). Then to finish off, some dark magenta heels just to add some brightness to the outfit.

Do let me know what you think of this outfit.Have a lovely week ahead!


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