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‘When in doubt, where RED’~ Bill Blass

Hey loves, this post was scheduled for Monday but network issues got in the way *sigh but better late than never right?.I love challenges. I love testing my limits and discovering my boundaries. This year apart from challenging myself to post constantly, I decided to open an online thrift store. It has not been easy but I think that is the point of a challenge, right?. A friend of mine recently told me that people prefer buying clothes when they know how they would look on them, not just on a mannequin. To that effect, I decided every now and then I would post an item from the store.

This red dress is one of my favorite items in the store. Pleats and frills are still fashionable on the streets, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The red Vera cold-shoulder is chic, beautiful and stylish. I was positively surprised to find it on polyvore as I was creating looks (daily ritual), a reassurance that it is a trending piece. I built around it with black since it was the statement piece and did not want to draw attention away from it. Since I don’t have a black leather jacket at the moment, I ‘borrowed’ the leather jacket from my mum’s closet (hey mum).

It is perfect for a night out or an occasion that does not require you to be too dressy and the frills let you get away with the length (short but decent). If this dress was a perfect fit I would definitely not be selling it!

For this dress and more check out thriftsassy(ig) or thriftsassy(fb)

Slay on a budget= ksh2500



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