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Hey loves!! its been a minute I know but am back and for good this time. before I go on am happy to announce my blog just turned 2!! I know most of you came to know this blog this year(2016) but I started out as a poet believe it or not unfortunately I didnt have the means to continue so…hiatus.

The blog has become my baby over the past few months and I was basically depressed the whole time i wasnt active *sad face* so am ecstatic to be back.

For this post I decided to do something simple with a little sass,like what I would wear to a rave or even a a date when I dont feel like dressing up(I have a lot of lazy moments).

I suffer from *resting bitch face syndrome wher I look mad even when am really not!

I chose one of my favorite blue jeans,who doesn’t own/love a pair of blue denims? A dark magenta top with lace detail and black heels…lazy right?

okay! A lil posy but what happens when a model gets infront of the camera??


Top: thrifted

Jeans: thrifted

Black heels: gift


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