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‘Someone’s face when they heard cheongsam’

Hey loves,its been a minute I know but this weather got me feeling some typa way especially since am writing this after being heavily drenched.This post was meant for the sunny season buh oh well…any day is a dress day!For those wondering…yes its English! Most of you guys call them chinese dresses(familiar now?)…haha welcome to English class. So am not a big fan of dresses but am kinda smitten about this particular dress. First of all I love chinese collars they look expensive and high fashion-ish if you get what am saying. Also the detailing is exquisite and who doesn’t love wearing something with a lot of history in it?

My peach cheongsam

I actually got this at Mtindwa for 200 bob(talk about a steal)…yes am a thrifter bite me!! And I just fell in love with it.Its pretty versatile and ‘funtional.I love the length,not too short and not too long plus the double-side slit.Originally cheongsams are supposed to be tight-fitting but I enjoy a little breathing space…hihi just incase my eating habits begin to show. I think they look best paired with heels,cute sandals or doll shoes but…if you have a different ensemble feel free to share.I do have a different one that I willl post hopefully in the near future

What do you think?

FUN FACT:Cheongsams were created in the 1920s in Shanghai!

PHOTOCREDITS:Ericmith Photography


MUA:Makeup by Lornasly


Keep warm guys!


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