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Hallo lovelies. I decided to do this random 25 things to before 25ʺ bucket list after something awesome happened a couple of weeks ago. If you read my taking stock post here I mentioned how much I wanted a statement bag. Well, I got it! I am totally in love with it and afraid of carrying it anywhere lest I go back home without it. My belief in speaking your desires into existence is reaffirmed and so I made a bucket list with the hopes of having a roller-coaster two-years.


  1. Learn to skate. I have always wanted to do a shoot in skates.
  1. Go ice skating and hopefully not break any bones.
  1. Try four different cuisines. Japanese, maybe something Mediterranean, something West African and something European.
  1. Go ziplining. I am height-phobic but hey, what are bucket lists for?
  1. Take myself on an impromptu vacation. I want to wake up one day, pack a bag and just leave! Like in the movies. 😀
  1. Get featured in a magazine or two, local and international. I want to see myself in several pages of a magazine or newspaper pull out, any tips?
  1. Go camping. Tents, bonfire, the whole nine.
  1. Take a plane somewhere. I honestly don’t care where as long as it is somewhere nice and picturesque.
  1. Start a YouTube channel. ʺhallo guys welcome back to my You Tube channelʺ umm yeah.
  1. Be a brand ambassador. Hopefully for a clothing line or a store.
  1. Start a fashion-related business. I was selling thrifted clothes a while back but I want something BIG.
  1. Make an investment. I think land is one of those great value-adding investments one should consider.
  1. Take my mom on a vacation. She deserves the world…nuff said.
  1. Learn to ride a bicycle and swim. Please do not judge, I had no one to teach me these things, only child problems.
  1. Record a song…With or without auto tune.
  1. Go on a spa date with a friend.Too many chick flick inspirations.
  1. Change my wardrobe completely.I have clothes I wore 10 years back and they still fit me!!
  1. Do yoga and exercise more often. Julianne where are you?
  1. Add a Travel category to the blog and contribute to it.
  1. Do a number of collaborations with popular brands. I cannot think of a number right now but as many as possible.
  1. Win a blogging award. Wouldn’t that be something
  1. Get into interior décor. Not necessarily for business
  1. Hold a number of giveaways for my subbies. The first did not work out but I promise you the rest will.
  1. Be part of a philanthropic project/initiative.
  2. Do a commercial or music video appearance. Something fancy definitely

What do want to do before you hit that milestone age?

Hugs and kisses

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