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It is finally  casual Friday! Woot Woot! Happy Good Friday to all Christians/believers everywhere in the world!

WELCOME back loves, happy to have you here. First of all am extremely grateful for all the love shown in last week’s post, you guys are the real MVPs! Second, today I want to talk about an interesting topic, I have been toying with it for a while as I was apprehensive, mostly because I am not comfortable being vulnerable out here. In fact I was not going to talk about it until one of my friends admitted that he had been through the same thing. Chronic need for affirmation!

According to the dictionary, affirmation is emotional support or encouragement for those who had no idea. For the longest time I had an issue with relationships because no matter how hard I tried, they never seemed to work out. I figured at some point that I must have been the problem and you know what? I was right 🙁 . Do you ever find yourself in a relationship without even actually getting into the relationship? I for one do not ever remember an actual transition into my relationship, I just found myself in them. One minute I was single, the other minute I was not. You get me?

Anyway I recently realized that my need for affirmation was the root to all my problems. I was so caught up in being something/anything to anyone that I lost myself. Choosing the wrong people just because they showed me attention. You find yourself just flowing with the attention. Not really having a say in the things that really matter. As long as someone is texting  you when they want to or calling you only on the weekends, it is good enough, even when it really isn’t.

Most people can probably relate to this, I bet. No worries, as long as you have figured the first part which is that you are suffering from the need for affirmation. It is all about self assurance and building your confidence especially when it comes to relationships. Accepting that you are a unique and beautiful person without needing reassurance from anyone or anything. With time you will get to see things more clearly. Meanwhile let us bask in the beauty of being complete;alone.


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walking away from all things toxic
casual outfits
yass! to self affirmation

casual friday outfit


Am doing a working woman outfit specifically for casual Fridays. A little orange and lots of blue. I bought this blouse a few weeks ago in town, the blazer too. The high collar and polka dots on the blouse makes this outfit extra-chic, it’s all in the details. I am so excited about work clothes right now but will definitely be more excited when I get work 😉 . All things are thrifted except the bag which I bought from a friend, comes as a set of five different but beautiful bags. Let me know what you think loves.


phography Justus Legacy

Makeup Dee Thaiku

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The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey


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