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You’re only here for a short visit.  Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.

~Walter Hagen

Hallo loves…happy new month!!

I am legit excited about December-my favourite month of the year. This year I get to add graduation to my list of December events, how awesome is that?

As this year comes to an end there are many lessons I have learnt, being a grown up is no joke! Some were hard and some were easy, some were painful and others painless, some I loved and some I hated. What is certain however is that am older, stronger and wiser and if that is the case then I am victorious. Here are a few of those lessons that am sure to carry to 2018:

-It is okay not to be okay! For the longest time I thought I needed to be strong 24/7, NEWSFLASH-not humanly possible! So now I cry as much as I need to and I don’t bottle up my feelings. I think it has made me stronger!

-No situation lasts forever. Everyone has their bad day days but I refuse to call them that. No day is bad from morning to evening, you might have a couple of bad situations through out the day but at least you get to breath even if for a few minutes.

-There really is a silver lining to every cloud, you just have to change your perception. Do I need to explain?

-Be honest, consequences be damned. Honesty sucks but it saves you a whole lot of unwarranted trouble. You have a right to feel the way you do and the person responsible needs to know they played an active role in making you feel that way, can I get an amen?

-Be selfish, everyone else is! I cannot remember how many times I gave more than I got. I drained myself because I cared more than they did. Now am petty, I don’t dwell on anything that doesn’t benefit me, you piss me off, ignore me, I DELETE. What you gonna do?

-Live a life of no expectations. I hate getting disappointed and unfortunately that is the one skill people have perfected time and time again. No expectations=No disappointments.

-Trust God and yourself.


That is it for now darlings, am wearing a thrifted romper that I was selling online. Yes, Yes I love flowers and all things floral, perfect for these sunny days and the free-flowing bell sleeves add a flirty, care-free factor to the outfit.

I love my afropuff and am enjoying my natural hair journey. Did I mention how stressful it is to wash your own hair? I need tips on that.

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Photos by GitakaMuchai

Makeup by DeeThaiku



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