Looks of a quirky girl


Welcome to THE JAZ CLOSET!

A fashion and style blog by a Physicist, former model and current blogger. I would describe my style as simple yet sassy. My wardrobe staples are definitely jeans and sneakers however I will serve up much more than that.

The Jaz Closet is a 3 yr old blog by Serah Thanji a proud resident of Nairobi, Kenya who goes by Serah Jasmine as her nom de plume. She is a recent graduate of The Technical University of Kenya with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Physics.

Her love for writing poetry that began in high school is what drove her to blogging however with time she began to favor fashion and style more and thus ultimately shifted the entire blog. her fashion sense could be described as simple. chic and practical.

Serah dreams of having an all rounded blog featuring beauty, lifestyle, food and style for both men and women. She hopes to connect with all her readers not just on a fashion level but also on a personal level, to use this platform to share her life journey and also to inspire her readers.

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