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The Pendezafrica Tee

The Pendezafrica Tee

Hallo loves, as June comes to an end so do my Pendezafrica pieces. This custom tee is a dear piece since six out of seven days am in a tee shirt. Yes am a dress-down kinda girl normally. Infact pairing it up with this blue skirt was my way of switching things up. Otherwise, I would have simply had it on with jeans and sneakers.

When I had moved to Blogger I did a similar post with a different tee and different heels. Unfortunately, the photos I got were terrible (story for another day) so I ditched it all and redid it anew. I love how THICK I look in these photos!!! 😂

I would also want to thank Purity Nderi of Pendezafrica for the support and trust. She is very particular about who she works with and I appreciate it.

ION: this is my last fashion post till sometime in August. I am taking a little break as I work to expand into something bigger. I may post non-fashion related stuff but just in case I do not, you can keep up with me on my social media pages. Do not forget to subscribe on the box below or the pop up and comment.

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